Verified Global
Restoration Projects

Accelerating the adoption of nature-based climate solutions.

What is Veritree?

Enabling the world’s best restoration projects through technology.

Veritree leverages blockchain technology to provide planting organizations with an integrated planting management platform. The veritree system allows planting organizations to gather ground level data, manage their projects more effectively, and deliver sponsors a world-class experience.

Non-Governmental Organizations

The world’s only verification tool, built exclusively for global restoration projects.

A robust suite of tools, designed specifically for the needs of large-scale reforestation.

Partner organizations

What’s included for organizations

veritree collect

Innovative ground level data collection built with blockchain technology featuring offline encryption, redundancies, and content.

veritree aggregate

Device & Collect management to support low-internet environments with system updates and form submissions.

veritree management

The TreERP toolkit that digitizes all tree planting and provides a seamless inventory & order management platform ensuring no double-counting.

sponsor portal

World-class, map-based sponsor experience providing partners with on-the-ground visibility into the impact their funds are having.

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Sustainable Businesses

veritree provides the most comprehensive set of tools for companies to invest in the world’s best restoration projects.

See the real-time, ground level impact your investment is having, at your fingertips.

Current brand partners

What’s included for businesses?

marketing support

Engage your customers in your impact with a bespoke, virtual forest, customizable impact widgets, and more.

api integrations

Integrate directly with your existing platforms including Shopify, Salesforce, Klaviyo, and more.


The veritree system delivers ground-level data in real-time directly to your veritree Hub. Understand the impact your support is having.

sustainability advisory

Work directly with our team to navigate the confusing world of Net Zero, Carbon Offsetting, and more.

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